27th April 2022 |

Training manual on supporting older women survivors of violence – WHOSEFVA + MARVOW projects

This manual provides overall training programme on violence against older people, with emphasis on the special situation of violence against older women. The manual deals with terminology used when talking about violence against elderly and provides information on future
challenges. Violence against older persons can occur in various environments, including their
homes, hospitals, assisted living arrangements and nursing homes. This manual takes a perspective on the issue in domestic settings (meaning violence by family members and trusted
people in non-institutional settings) and brieϐly covers violence occurrence in institutional settings. Violence in home and institutional settings may have different dynamics, causes, and outcomes and thus are best to address separately.

The MARVOW project partners developed an additional chapter that was added to this manual (chapter 9), to inlcude the lessons learned during the project and to offer the readers some relevant information and guidelines about including multiagency cooperation in domestic violence services.

The Training Manual in English is available here.

The additional chapter on multiagency cooperation is also available in Greek, German and Estonian.