23rd September 2020 |

MARVOW third steering committee meeting, Sep 10th-11th, online

The third official partners meeting of MARVOW took place online on September 10th and 11th.
The first day was dedicated to three work packages of the project, which includes its management and coordination, the implementation and testing of a multi-agency cooperation model for working with older women victims of abuse and the perpetrators, and the evaluation of this model.
Since the project has been extended, the activities at a national level and the overall timeline of the project have been subject to changes, which required a joint collaboration of all the partners.
The second day was dedicated to the dissemination and communication strategies of the project and to the analysis of the training materials that will be used by the partners to introduce local stakeholders to the concepts of multi-agency cooperation and the characteristics of elder abuse.

Despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the partners are successfully collaborating to achieve the project’s goals: older women are even more at risk of being abused and neglected during these challenging times. For this reason, it’s even more crucial to work together and ensure improved knowledge of the stakeholders on how to identify and respond to abuse against older women.
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