8th July 2021 |

MARVOW fourth steering committee meeting, Apr 14nd, online

On 14/04/2021 the MARVOW partners met online for the fourth official partners meeting.

At this meeting the team focused on the implementation of the multi-agency model in Austria, Greece, and Estonia and on the dissemination of the project. The partners are implementing local meetings with different stakeholders, in order to improve the support to older women survivors of violence in the partners’ countries.
During the meeting, the MARVOW partners had the chance to discuss their respective action plans, the stakeholders to be involved, the risk assessment of different cases, and much more. The primary results of multi-agency meetings were also presented to the project team, including some policy recommendations and suggestions to improve the efficacy of the activities.
Regarding the dissemination of the project, the implementing partners will take care of advocacy meetings, while the second thematic campaign on social media took place in June.
Overall, the partners are successfully collaborating to achieve the project’s goals and improve the support to older women.

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