8th November 2023 |

MARVOW 2.0 Workshop at WAVE Conference 2023

The workshop “Violence Against Older Women: multi-agency response to institutional violence” explored the topic of institutional violence against older women (repeated or regular abuse performed in any institutional environment where service users are engaged with professionals). It offered a deep dive into the response to combat that type of violence on an institutional level through the learnings of the MARVOW and MARVOW 2.0 projects: Coordinated Multi-agency Response to Violence against Older Women.

The workshop will take place with the purpose of sensitizing and raising the capacity of professionals of WSSS from Europe about the phenomenon of violence against older women, discussing in depth the field of Institutional Violence in the limits of violence against older people, and informing them regarding the methodology of multi-agency response. It is an opportunity to get familiarized with the MARVOW project and clarify the importance of multi-agency cooperation with a view to effectively coping with incidents of violence against older women. Another objective of the workshop is for professionals to exchange information on how these incidents are dealt with in other countries and to call them for a coordinated response in terms of MARVOW methodology and multi-agency cooperation. Through their cooperation and a better understanding of the significance of multi-agency cooperation, it is more likely to eliminate cases of institutional violence against older women and adequately manage support for survivors of violence against older women.